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It’s been a while since I’ve posted projects on BS, because I’ve been busy writing a business plan to start my own clothing line. Previously, I was completing various random projects, but now I’m focus on one specific thing now. So I’ve deleted over 35 projects in my studio, changed the banner and started a menswear line named ZE (pronounced “zey”). ZE Menswear specializes in Exclusive Designer Tanks & More. All the garments are handmade from scratch, including the patterns.

This small collection, named Avis (meaning bird) is inspired by Aviation. It incorporates soft subtle colors of light grey and cream contrasted with charcoal. Recycled pieces of bottom weight fabric (charcoal color) and tarnished D-rings are used to create a vintage/grunge aesthetic. The strong lines and deep cuts accentuates the chest and shoulders for a strong masculine feel. Several pieces can be worn with jeans or pair with a jacket/suit for a dressy look.

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