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After seeing some awesome woven tank tops around the interwebs, I felt compelled to make some for myself. I figured that it’s more difficult to fit a pattern for a tank top than to make one from scratch, so I opted to make my own pattern. It was made even easier by the fact that I drafted a different kind of tank top pattern earlier this year, so I didn’t have to figure out things like total ease, or shapes of the armhole and neckline — all that was done already. All I did is move the side dart to the bottom and then take in the side seams to reduce ease that resulted from that to approximate the ease on my tried and tested tank top pattern. This method would probably not work for someone with a bust size of bigger than A cup (I think that a dart in the armhole would be necessary to avoid gaping there), but in my case, I was able to get away with no dart or gathers. Since I am still very bad at making patterns myself, it’s always a great joy for me when one turns out ok, so I made this pattern in 3 different fabrics (using some remnants in the process)! Good thing too, since the weather here has been crazy hot, and I wore two out of three already this past week.