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this burda magazine from november of 1979, must be one of my all time favorites!
i made a dress and this shirt using patterns from that issue
and i have at least 4 more projects planned
this is the shirt pattern i was looking for, for years!
one that has pleats instead of darts, to create that extra space you need at the bodice
and has that nice silhouette
and cute little collar
and hidden buttons placket
(i used sew in snaps instead of buttons, because my bernina refuses to make buttonholes
but i still went for hidden placket, because i really like how it looks)
fabric is rayon chiffon
i thought it’s going to be hell sewing it
but everything worked like a charm
resulting in one of my neatest makes to date
can’t wait to make this shirt in different variations!
like a dress.. and sleeveless.. and with contrasting collar and placket and cuffs..
so many ideas!
see more pics on my blog mokosha