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let me begin by telling you how happy i was when i was able to get this fabric for such a bargain! it has a tiny faulty, so it became a lot cheaper than the original price, but i can guarantee you, it’s authentic Just Cavalli fabric.

t was a small piece, yet again, probably around 70 cm. it’s a crepe polyester fabric, so it has a bit of stretch in it.

while i could’ve gone for a safer & easier choice like a skirt, i of course decided that i want to make a shirt out of it. and not just any old shirt. i wanted it to have cut-out details and to combine it with this tulle fabric, just to jazz it up a little.

and of course what happened next was a disaster. i couldn’t figure out how to make the cut-out holes nicely without doing so much work over and over again, and after struggling to finish it for 2 days, i finally left the project untouched for about a month. i got so depressed and lost all my confidence in sewing altogether, thinking that if i can’t make this simple shirt, how would i ever be a good seamstress?? and another thing is that i’m the kind of person who just can’t seem to move on when i encounter an obstacle. i like doing things in order, so when i was stuck with this project, i couldn’t even start a new sewing project, because i felt like i just had to finish this one first. :p

but last week, i took a deep breath and finally took this project out from the closet again. i re-worked it as best as i could, stitched some of them by hand, and finally now it’s done. now the cut-out holes are just how i wanted them to be.

i didn’t use any pattern for this, of course. just cut the fabric, sew, and when it failed (it happened multiple times with this one) i improvised as best as i could.

i have no idea how the hand-stitches are going to withstand the washing, but whatever. i’ll think about those problems later. right now, i want to celebrate the weirdness!