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Another item in my sewing for others collection that I made for a friend.

This is a pattern that kind of grew on me the more I looked at the technical drawing, and since this friend covers her hair, the long hem and long sleeves fit perfectly!

This is probably the most elaborate piece I’ve sewn so far! A lot of pattern pieces, a lot of darts and seams and folds, it was a real patience and precision tester for me :D But the result is so awesome, it was worth all that effort.

I followed the instructions pretty much all the way, apart from eating a bit into the seam allowances at the sides adding 2cm of ease, so the silhouette isn’t super hugging. I also bought the pattern online from the Russian Burda Style and they referred the instructions for the collar and the sleeve placket to another pattern and I was too lazy to ask for those instructions so I winged it. I did get the other set of instructions later just in case :)

I like this shirt so much, it almost pains me to give it away. But hey! I can always make myself one later :)

For more about the process and such, please visit my blog entry: Shirt in flowers