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A few months ago I was in the Philippines and had like 7 hours between my domestic and international flights on my way back home. If you’ve ever been to that airport in Manila you know it’s definitely not waiting friendly! So I dragged my poor husband fabric shopping :|
I decided not to take something that just looks nice but something that upon seeing I go: I love it! These nice birds were exactly that! I fell in love with them and bought me 2 yards (~1.8-1.9m) with no plan for them whatsoever, but a month or so later I paired it to this pattern.
Execution had to wait a bit due to all the other stuff that was to be sewn and had deadlines because of weddings or someone getting born or…or…
But finally here it is! No deviation from the pattern at all, and I’m still unsure what I’m doing wrong and why the neck bias turned out too short, but I made it. When I was finished I found that the front split gaped and turned since the back is a lot bigger and therefore drags the blouse back a bit. So I inserted a little see-through elastic piece and “fixed” the gap at 3.5cm width :)
It’s so easy and quick I did it yesterday and today once I press the publish button, I’m going out in it :)