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I decided I wanted exposed overlocked seams on the outside edges though. Its that “old punk” bit of me I suppose! It would also work with the edges inside.

I cut out the pieces: front and back (identical) and two sleeves, then overlocked/serged the shoulder seams. Then I overlocked around the neck and checked it will go over my head. It was a bit tight so I simply made it bigger by over locking again and cutting off the first lot of overlocking. Then I added the sleeves by pinning the centre of the sleeve to the centre shoulder seam and overlocking all the way accross. If you want exposed seams you need to check you have both seams on what will be your right side. Once the sleeves were attached I serged the side seams and sleeve seams together. I am very happy that all the fabric stripes actually matched up perfectly despite my hap-hazard method of making. Finally I serged all the hem edges and thats it. Finished.
based on Long Shirt but I could not find it in the index!