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Fell in love with the pattern and decided to go for it. Then fell in love with the cotton fabric with fans online…but it was the last bit in the roll and it was not enough. So I improvised! Found this light cotton canvas on the same site and decided to use that for the back and later on decided also to use it for the button loops.
Started by following the instructions til the end, and had a few issues:
1. The method for creating the loops can only work with magic, it almost defies the laws of physics, so I didn’t follow that.
2. They forgot to tell us when to sew in the buttons…my advice for beginners like me: Do it right after you’ve done the loops, don’t leave it till the end.
3. The usual issue with all V-neck Burda patterns: The cut is too deep…That I modified and added an extra button.
4. The bottom frill became too much, there’s no way I could be seen in something like this in public (but I added the bottom picture for educational value :D), so I improvised! I sewed it straight to the upper frill with a bit of pleating on the back :)
The visible zip instead of an invisible one, was in a way learning something new and in another way decorational. It doesn’t look bad.
Now I’m happy with how this looks and planning to wear it tomorrow when I meet my girlfriends for coffee in town :)
P.S. The painting on the wall is also designed and executed by me :D (Had to brag)