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the fabric is from a collection called “Aunt Lindy’s Paper Dolls” by the Sibling Arts Studios for Blue Hills Fabrics. i only found a small piece of it, so i had to use it very carefully.

as always, after waiting several years, i finally found the right pattern and idea on how to make it work. the pattern is from Burda Style magazine, pattern no. 115 from the April 2014 issue. and by making it work, i of course meant combining it with another fabric. seems like it’s all i’ve been doing lately. :p but that’s just how i can use my old fabrics, so it’s a good thing!

the other fabric i used was also cotton, though it’s more of a twill cotton rather than a patchwork cotton like the paper doll fabric. it was fairly quick to make, and i like the result, too. the only down side about this is that since i made it using cotton, the wrap-over parts sometimes get stuck with each other and create weird creases in the wrong places. but i still love it! it’s such a perfect blouse for a rainy summer day, when the weather can’t decide whether it wants to be cold or hot.