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I spotted this velvet and couldn’t resist it, just loved the colour, which I don’t think comes out on the photos fully unfortunately (note to ask brother to show me how to make the most of my camera..again!!). Originally I used half of it to make a bedding box cover and thought I would have enough for a blouse so started making Burda Magazine pattern from January 2011, no.102 only to find I didn’t have enough so the bedding box lost out! :-)

They suggest you use silk for this design so using velvet has actually changed the look of the blouse a lot but I’m still happy with it. The gathers don’t show up as much as they would on a finer material but I don’t mind too much and I decided to use hook and eye strip rather than buttons.

I think I’ll definitely make it again using the recommended fabric as it’s an easy-ish pattern and a lovely design.
Might put some trim on the edge of the sleeves too if I can find some that I like.

I’m lucky that it didn’t turn out a disaster as I found out, after making it, that I had broken just about every rule in the book for working with velvet. Whoops!

The pattern is available on this website but I don’t understand how to create a link to it. When I tick that it is based on an existing project, it asks for the original ‘name’ but no matter what I type in that box, it just keeps telling me that I haven’t entered it so anyways, the http link to the pattern is : http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/012011-short-sleeve-blouse