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Whether you’re a Slim Gem or a Plus Size Diva this top is sure to please. This top hid my un-toned arms and provided me so much sex appeal. Love this top and you will too, perfect DIY.

1. Start by measuring the fabric width, wraping the fabric around the body and adding an additional 4-6 inches just depending on how baggy you want it.
2. Then measure from breastbone down, for desired length.
3. Take measurement of the width and length and cut two pieces for back and front.
4. Take measurements of upper arms and wrist, you will need this measurement for elastic cuts. You will also use this measurement and add 2-3 inches to make arms baggy.
5. Cut two arms based on desired length and width.
6. Sew back and front shirt pcs togather and then arms center sems.
7. Create a 1/2 inch casing for top and bottom shirt and arms.
8. Insert elastic into casing and attached arms at side sems to shirt side sems.
9. Double stich 1 inch to lock arms in place.