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I made this shirt from a self-drafted pattern a few years ago. It has buttons down the front and a peter pan collar.

The sleeve are my favorite thing about this shirt. Only one short edge of this fabric had that scalloped border. Lucky for me, it was the perfect amount for the sleeves.

I added an underlining behind the lace for the plackets and the collar because those areas needed more structure. I used a bias tape (made from the underlining material) to finish the neckline.

One of the snags visible was in the material before I made the shirt. I bought the lace at a thrift store, so I can’t complain. The other snag is from an unfortunate fingernail incident. Oh, the woes of working with and wearing lace.

Despite what the gaping between buttons would lead you to believe, the fit of the shirt is actually not bad. I really should have used more buttons. However, I only had 6 of those pearly buttons, and they were the only buttons that matched. At the time, I was working on using the supplies that I have rather than buying new supplies.

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