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This vtg. 1979 McCall’s 6798 pattern I made comes with an attitude! haha I wanted to try the bouse pattern and I had this old flannel in the stash so, it’s the end of August and I made a flannel shirt… This is basically just a wearable muslin, I loved how simple and classy the illustration looked and wanted a trial run before I use fabric I really like. I thought it would be fun to shoot this shirt with a Breakfast Club vibe, It was just too tempting. :)
Accesorized with “The Lady Gaga Creeper Shades” sunglasses I got a five below in 2011
The necklace was made by a friend of mine
Regular stud earrings, plus an earring that I made. I have a some 80’s earrings, but wanted to stick with my Breakfast Club theme :)
The little plasticky fingerless gloves are from Claires. (but none of the earrings are ;) )
Boots – no boundaries.

Shooting the photos was fun! I got so many that I liked. :) This is a really comfy shirt, I’ll probably start wearing it around as a jacket, or just randomly dressing like Bender, once it’s no longer 80+ degrees out.

I thought I’d be funny and pretend to run down the hall. next time I wear this I shold find someone to dance with me.