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Pulover as he wasnamed on russian burdastyle, with a handbag for watermelon, Burda 2/2014 mod 135B. And I like it … and in addition to disputes on the model: tummy will not hide, but only accentuate and pregnant is not an option in an elongated version of the drape will hang in the “interesting” intimate place …. Sew pattern as given! Milk oil jersey, gentle, not sliding. Maybe not quite oil …. To be honest, I was worn out with collar.

Jeans took my favorite pattern – Burda 5/2011 mod 116. Artist and landing and simplicity of the model. Jeans fabric colors Tiffany. Just awesome! Cold and at the same time warm … By the way, put in all 1,10m fabric …. originally planned mini-dress case.

And finally a picture with a mosaic tiffany shades of color from the official site.