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A smarty blouse for some occasion (a family dinner, party at work or a date if you are a fan of ampire style and it’s falttering for your figure ) or you can make it just to check your skills in sewed pleats and want to try something new – it is exactly my case. I must confess that I wanted to make this blouse much more than I want to wear it – as for me, its bottom part is too loose: I guess if I cut all the extra fabric instead of making waist gathering and the front pleat, it would fit me better. But general effect is not bad so I recommend it with some piece of advice.

1. When cutting front bodice – give extra allowance for pleats. Because it’s much better (and right !!) at first to make pleats and only then to cut the front parts according to the paper pattern.

2. I would recommend to cut the front part with v-neck edge across the fabric ( I neglected this technological trick and regret about it) because in this way your pleats will be even and flat without any twisting.

3. If you make a blouse of thin fabric when sewing the pleats put a piece of tracing paper under the seam not to stretch the fabric ( on the picture).

4. I also changed the processing of the back’s bending and front facing ( on the picture). At first I sewed the back’s bending and then used the front’s facing to cover the shoulder seam.

The skirt is 12/2011 http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/a-little-glittering