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If there’s one thing I can say I’ve done most of my life, it’s that I’ve been active and athletic. I grew up playing sports – baseball, volleyball, track & field, badminton, tennis & basketball. It’s the thing that gave me confidence and coordination.

Now that I’m grown though, I don’t play as many sports as I used to (womp womp), but I stay active by going to the gym, swimming and biking. And I walk. Everywhere!

So to be able to design and create a pair of leggings that I can either run around or lounge in is great. I’m able to get it exactly the way I want it. You see, the store bought ones are either too long, too short or too tight at the waist. And the few ones that fit and feel perfect, good lord they’re expensive. Gah!

I was able to create the shape of these leggings based off another pair I have, but I tweaked everything to my own personal taste: I wanted it to sit at a certain spot on my waist – not too high, not too low, and certainly without any bulge!! I’m also very particular about the length and like my leggings to come just below my calves.

I know, I know…so picky right? But it happens when you can customize things.

Oh, and I added a cuff to the bottom just ‘cuz I thought it was cute!

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