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So far I’ve been sewing everything as long as it doesn’t have two legs. I gave it a try end of last year for my nephew, bought fabric for myself and went for it as the first project in 2016.
I fell in love with these pants from the moment I saw them September 2014, and found the same fabric used by Burda on alfatex.de, but it was expensive, shipping was even more expensive, so I started looking for something else, until I found this beautiful (and let’s admit it, a lot more versatile when it comes to colors) stretch twill. It was decided. Thought a lot about what to make the belt of and in the end went for this shiny grey crushed velvet.
I didn’t make any changes to the original pattern, and I’m extremely happy with my first (and definitely not last) pair of pants!
Also now I feel happy about changing my skill level to intermediate :D