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Finally I can show you my latest sewing project: the fake-leatherpants. The material is really elastic and I should have sewed just some simple leggings without the zip. Like the Carol leggings here:

I like this burda style pattern and I prefer it for such elastic fabric, but unfortunately I found the pattern this weekend, when the pants was done for weeks… Well, I think the pants is okay with the used pattern.
The leather material seems to be coated jersey or something like that.
I tried pins but the pinprick was always visible, so I tried a trick. I changed the pattern to my messures and transfered it onto a gabardine fabric (truffle-colored pants) and cuted the parts of the pattern out.
Then I laid the gabardine parts of the pants onto the leather fabric and cutted it out (I used the pins just on the seam allowance).
After nearly finishing the pants I recognize that the waistband was far too wide, because the material was so elastic. So I pulled a elastic strap trough the waistband. Now the pants suits perfect.
More about my diy-projects and my styling:
P.S.: The blouse is also a diy-project, but I will show this some other time! :)