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i wanted a normal, plain pair of jeans. no rips, no acid wash, none of that. something relaxed and comfy. i had never sewn any jeans, and for this one i got the pattern from Named Clothing, called the Wyome Boyfriend Jeans pattern.

i cut the pattern for the size 40 (i felt so big! that’s the biggest size i’ve ever cut for bottoms!) because i wanted it to be a bit baggy. i also made it about 15 cm shorter than the original length, because i’m quite short. everything went quite smoothly until i had to do the first topstitches. i don’t even want to go there, but let’s just say, i probably won’t be making another pair of denim pants any time soon. when it came to the very end, topstitching the waist band and sewing the belt loops, i decided to do them by hand because i really don’t want to kill my sewing machine. i managed to ruin 2 of the denim buttons before finally succeeding in attaching all 5. (yep, it was my first time ever of hammering denim buttons into place!)

when you see the bottom side of the topstitches, you’ll actually see how my sewing machine struggled to do it. the bottom thread became loopy no matter how high i set the sewing tension, but whatever. as long as i can wear the pants, i’ll wear them proudly.

i also did not add any interface at all, because i was so afraid that if i did, my sewing machine would not be able to sew those parts at all. i should have done it though for the button hole part, because now as you can see, it gets a bit curly from the stretch and holes. ah well. if there is ever a next time, at least i’ll know better.

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