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After knitting my slouchy hat and my braided crown I had some yarn leftover but not enough to make a whole scarf, so I thought why not mix it with some other color? Quick search for a multicolored scarf patterns led me to a Stitch Block Cowl by Purl Soho, which must be the most awesome cowl pattern ever! The combination of stitches is so beautiful, I was instantly in love.

For my cowl I wanted a subtle gradation of colors so I looked for a yarns in similar shades to the one I already had. The three colors I went for was cream, blush and yellow (I’m not sure that true shades are captured here, colors look kinda greenish in the pictures but they are much warmer in a real life). Since the shades of cream and blush are so similar they blend together so the pattern isn’t that striking, which is totally fine by me as I wanted it to be more muted and subtle. I do however plan to one day make another one in different colors, so that all stitches can be seen in all their glory! Especially Checked Rose (the one with two colors), that one is my favorite!