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Finding the perfect shoes could be a difficult task. Whenever I see that glamorous pair of high heels or eye-catching, playful flip flops I only come to realise they are usually extremely uncomfy or don’t fit my wardrobe that well. Being a passionate DIY-er, I quickly found a solution to my shoe problems. My secret is get something simple and easy-to-work-on, then use your imagination and your skilled hands and revamp them to match your ideas of beauty.When it comes to lace shoes, there are several cases in which the shoe doesn’t seem to be the perfect match to my clothing for either being the wrong color or having the wrong lace pattern. This is absolutely fixable as lace flats are one of the easiest things to do yourself. Get a pair of shoes with simple and clean design, find your favorite lace textile and get to work. All you have to do is cut out the lace to match the patches on your shoes you need to cover with lace. After that, everything is quite simple. Use a transparent liquid adhesive to glue the lace to the shoes and clean the excessive substance from the fabric with q-tips or an old rag. Don’t forget to cover the ground and your working place with old newspapers or magazine pages to prevent the glue from ruining your furniture. Otherwise, you might need to call your maid to handle the mess as adhesive stains are usually quite difficult to get rid of.
Voila! You’ve made your own unique lace shoes within no more than 30 minutes. Isn’t that just fabulous!