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Batwing Tunic and Dress – Burdastyle 09/2015 #113 A,B

I found this stretch lace for 2 bux at a new local thrift store I discovered, and I’ve encountered this type of material before -with disastrous results lol. Despite there being somewhat wavy seams due to the delicate nature of the stretch lace under a normal sewing machine, I decided to sew French seams for the skirt part, and I also used same material for binding the bat-wing sleeves and neckline. I sewed the binding and encased seams carefully while stretching only slightly to get the tension as good as possible, so perhaps that will offer some ease and offset the waviness a bit. At least I didn’t toss this project in the bin this time lol, but this lace sure is a challenge to stitch. I just had enough for the dress but ran out when it came to the pockets, but thats ok. The lace isn’t too scratchy against the skin, but this dress can also be worn with a slip underneath.