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A little over a month ago my dear friend Olga got married and I had the pleasure to make her a wedding dress! This task was assigned to me pretty much right after she got engaged and from the start I was very happy to to do it, It’s a huge honor to be able to contribute to such a big and beautiful event in your friends life :)

Olga is not the one for a traditional wedding dress, so she chose to go with something more relaxed but still festive and bridal (ish). She went for a simple cut with relaxed kimono sleeved bodice and a flowy knee length skirt. What makes the dress really special is the embroidery – a huge floral design on the front of the bodice and around the waist. She basically found the picture of the dress with the embroidery that she liked, and based on that I drew the design on pattern pieces. Then I transferred the drawing to an iron on interfacing and used that as my guide for a needle work.

For the dress I used some basic bodice pattern and redrafted it, the skirt is half circle. All in all it took me a little over two weeks to make the dress, but vast majority of that time went on embroidering the bodice! Drafting the pattern, making the muslin and sewing the actual dress took me a few days max, the rest was all embroidering. And this was actually my first time doing this sort of embroidery!
Although time consuming the result is so beautiful and I was so so happy see her wear the dress on her wedding day. She was absolutely beautiful and she loved the dress to pieces, and so did I. I have made a LOT of dresses, but this is hands down my favorite one so far :)