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as you can see (i hope, from the last few pics), the fabric consists of 2 layers, jersey on the bottom, organza on the top, and they’re both printed with the exact same print & repeats. they called it the 3-D fabric. cool, eh? so the idea is that you completely separate the 2 layers apart, and sew them however you like, but still align them so that when you move in it, the viewer of your fabric will see a 3-D-like print instead of a normal print.

i got only 60 cm of it, thinking that i would put the jersey parts as the bodice and the organza parts as the sleeves. it would’ve been enough… but then i felt like that wouldn’t do justice to the fabric. there certainly wouldn’t be any 3-D effect at all!

and so, as usual, a change of plan happened. i decided to make the bodice using both layers, and then the sleeves from the organza and the cuffs & hem from the jersey. just that i had to be more creative to make my arms fit the sleeves, because the organza alone, or what was left of it, wasn’t wide enough. so i sewed strips of the jersey fabrics to the middle part of the sleeves all the way to the end to add to the width. for the neckline, instead of just sewing the seam allowances in like i would when sewing jersey fabrics, this time i used narrow bias tape to make it look a bit more neat (from outside, at least!).

this was one of those projects that didn’t need any pattern. i am loving the dazzling & dizzying 3-D effect on the bodice!

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