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fell in love with the fabric, as always, since it reminded me of 90s cult/gothic style. this one took a bit longer to sew than my other recent sewing projects (about a whole day to sew, plus a few hours to trace the pattern on the previous day), because i combined it with lace fabric.

i had to cut the lace fabric according to the lace shape so that i could use it as hemline, and sew it in a curvy wave shape (around 3 cm zigzag upwards and downwards) to the bottom of the dress. i also put a layer of lace in between the 2 layers of the collar. yep, it was a hard work, but i’m so proud of the result.

for this dress, i used the pattern V of Stylish Dress Book Vol. 1 (or Ihanat Mekot ja Tunikat as this Finnish version book is called). i omitted the front pocket and changed the style of the sleeves since i used a different material than the pattern suggests. i also made the hemline a lot shorter.

the last picture is from the Ihanat mekot ja tunikat book itself, not owned by me.