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Halter Jumpsuit – Burdastyle 06/2015 #119B

I found this very stretchy material in a thrift store folded up for only 3 bux, and I thought that’s ample enough to make a jumpsuit, and it pretty much was! It was only the facings I had to make from another white stretch fabric remnant I had. Yet the stretch was difficult to control, and without a serger, which no doubt would have been quicker, my sewing machine ran into many problems lol. Nonetheless I still will be happy to wear the resulting jumpsuit, as it’s a very comfy relaxed retro jumpsuit – hopefully at a resort lol – and thankfully it fits like a glove considering I didn’t use woven fabric. I simply liked the print on the jersey too much lol, so just threw caution to the wind. It gave me difficulty trying to match up the zig zag print as it moved around so much; the front matching is relatively better than the back, which is all over the place lolz and was not intended haha but I couldn’t keep track of the pattern. I still inserted the zipper, but a shorter vintage not-so-invisible zip, which I attached from the top of the left hand pocket up. The zip works quite well and I can slip into it comfortably. Of course I’m not tall like the pattern is, so I hemmed the legs up a fair bit. I like the waist on this pattern, it camouflages my problem area lol