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A few years ago I made the Ottobre Stardust jacket (4/2013) and recently my son has lived in it. When I found this Thomas fleece at Joann, I knew I wanted to make him a new hoodie. Since it’s almost summer, I decided to make it again in size 92 which should be a good fit for him at the end of the year. I also adapted the pattern to make a traditional straight zipper in the front rather than the diagonal. And I don’t know what I was thinking with my hoodie placement. It wasn’t until after I had finished that I realized they were unevenly placed. Serves me right to sew after midnight :P. And then the other day I realized that one of the coverstitches had popped :( :( :(. I’m going to try sewing it back down and popping a drop of fray check in it with the hopes it doesn’t completely unravel.