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This is the toile I’ve made for my university pattern cutting module. It’s a design from my first collection (called The Hunt) which is for equestrian wear. I made the jacket to my own measurements and I’m pretty pleased with the fit.

The jacket is completely self-lined. I bagged the lining and it was the first time I have lined anything in real life (surely I’m not the only one who sews in my imagination?).

The range of motion in the sleeves is great and the jacket is so comfortable I forgot I had it on under my coat on the way to Uni! There are, however, a few style differences from the tech I made, but I’m not sure whether to change the pattern or the design. : )

There is more information on my blog

I’ve yet to make the “real” jacket, but while I wait for my fabric I have another project in mind: a vintage bustier dress!