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Quite surprisingly I managed to do a bit of sewing in the last days and even found some time to take photos, it was one of these projects were everything just falls into place. This streak of luck began with the fabric: I went to a Cologne fabric store with a friend to buy some piping and shirring tape for a dirndl dress and just when I paid for the few items I had planned to buy my friend pulled this fantastic shimmery blue/off-white patterned fabric out of a shelf. It was not exactly cheap but too perfect to pass so I took it to the register as well. The fabric has a very nice drape and I knew that I wanted to accentuate the pattern so I made a simple pleated skirt out of two rectangles, it took about an afternoon to sew it. It could have taken less time but I chose to sew quite a few details by hand for a nicer finish, for example the seam and the zipper. I also lined the skirt with a silvery-grey fabric, I only regret not to have added side-seam pockets as well, maybe I will add these later.

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