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This is Azara skirt, one of the patterns from the new fall-winter collection by Deer and Doe. Once again I was so lucky to receive this pattern ahead of its release in a return for my review and honest opinion about it, which as you can imagine made me very excited! And super flattered and happy too :)

As soon as I saw technical drawing I knew I’ll like this pattern – it has a definite ‘70s feel to it without being literal, which is something I quite love. I feel best in retro inspired styles and that’s exactly what Azara is: a bit of ’70s, a bit of ’40s and a bit of 2017 too – and for me this ratio is just right :) Azara comes in two options – with button down front or with an invisible zipper in the back, and I choose the first one.

I made straight size 40, based on my waist measurements, and the fit is spot on. My hips are a couple sizes bigger but since the shape of the skirt is flared I decided that there’s no need to grade up. In retrospect, grading hips up for at least one size might have been a good idea – while the fit is good and there’s more than enough room for my hips, I wouldn’t mind having some more flare and volume in the skirt. So if I were to make it again I would definitely grade the hips up, meaning I would choose the size based on my measurements which I should’ve done from the start. D’oh.

Azara skirt comes with lining but I decided to skip that part – there was no need for it with my fabric, since is opaque and in a good medium weight. Plus I was kinda in a hurry so I wanted to speed things up a little. The fabric is some poly-linen blend in a very rich mustard green colour. Usually I’m not attracted to shades of olive green but there was something about this rich and almost golden shade that spoke to me – it kinda feels like Autumn, right? And I do love good autumny colour :)

I’m quite in love with my finished skirt – it’s perfect for this transitional period and upcoming autumn, although I’m pretty certain that is gonna work well for the spring as well. I love the midi length too – something I discovered quite recently, since I usually gravitate towards inappropriately short skirts :D
One thing I would change in my next version is adding pockets. I’m not one of those persons that has to put pockets on everything and in many cases I prefer to leave them off (especially for dresses), but with skirts and jackets for me a pocket is always more than welcomed. Also, the design of Azara would make including pockets very easy – the placement of style lines is perfect for adding them!

These pictures were taken in beautiful and colourful mews of Paddington and due to some unfortunate technical issues with my iPhone camera, so I don’t think that quality of them do the justice to this amazing pattern. But I hope it’s enough to get the idea how good it is! I, for one, have nothing but heart eyes for it :)