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I decided to try making some camera straps after getting bored with my own. They were relatively simply to make, although you definitely need a machine with an adjustable feed and foot! Mine did not like sewing the plastic webbing with so much thickness so I ended up using my mother’s!

The straps are triple stitched at the clips to ensure peace of mind, no matter what the camera size, as you’re putting a lot of trust into the materials. The webbing is made from woven plastic, which won’t stretch or warp, and the braid is polyester (so you can chuck it in the washing machine if it gets a bit grubby).

Each strap itself is between 90cm and a metre long and the clips are 7cm long. The strap is 2.5cm wide. There are seven variations: red floral, black floral, blue daisy, green daisy, pink grid, houndstooth and rickrack.