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I used old jeans (both denim and zippers) to make this backpack (some would call it a rucksack). I also purchased some sliders and a cincher. The backpack has a rear pocket accessible from the outside for my tablet and interior pockets to hold my wallet and other things I like to carry around. It fits my bulky SLR camera also (although not my computer). The top of the pack closes with a pull cord and has a flap (going for a bit of a retro eighties feel) but it flops open a bit (I’m considering putting a button inside). I wanted to use waistbands for the straps but I didn’t have any that were thick enough and thought I needed more width to the straps (which are a tad too long). The straps are padded with quilted layers of t-shirt fabric. The key to sewing a backpack is going slowly and using a large needle when sewing through many layers.