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I’m going to apologize in advance if I made a mistake on this post, because it is my first and not quite sure what are the particulars.

A hat made from the instructions of original Sara hat, though with a change of material into corduroy leftover clothe and linen.

Actually this is my first more complicated sewing project of a head wear and since I really don’t have a machine yet, I use hand sewing methods instead.

I’m not so sure of the quality, and I made mistakes here and there that I just made some design adjustment so it won’t be that obvious to the eye. Which it kind of made the style a little different and on my own. Like I made of mistake of closing the band before sewing it on the edges, so I just cover it up with what looks like pants belt holders and adjust the visor, so it will not look obvious.

For design aesthetics and purpose, I adding eyelets so I can add chains if I want to change the style a bit to match outfits.

I’m not really that good with sizing up patterns yet, so though the Sara hat has a pdf of of the main body of the hat, I research and get the body with accurate sizing from other free projects on the net.

I’m sorry if I can’t identify any techniques I use into words, because I just know them by look; but not in name.