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This is one of my garments for my collection called, “For the Pleasures of Searing Water.” The collection was for our student show this year and the theme was “The Movies.” I was inspired by the movie (And book), “Memoirs of a Geisha.” I wanted to take Geisha history and motifs and apply them with modern contemporary western fashion trends.

This jumpsuit was inspired by the moment where Chiyo decides that she must becomes a Geisha and runs to the temple to make her wish. The jumpsuit was worn by a male because I wanted the jumpsuit to be unisex and I was honoring the history of Geishas where men once performed as Geishas.

The jumpsuit features lots of wrapping that is typical of Japanese fashion. The pants portion of the jumpsuit features a giant pleat, a dropped crotch with a godet to enhance the volume, and gathering around the waist. The bodice portion of the jumpsuit has short kimono sleeves, overlapping front pieces, and a neckline that drops off the shoulder slightly.