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I spied this material while on a wool-hunt at Spotlight, and completely loved it; the only catch was that it was NZ$22/metre. That was pretty expensive for me, especially since I knew I would need more than a metre for whatever I was going to do with it. Luckily, over Easter they had a huge sale, and I managed to get all I needed for NZ$24.13!

I used a Burda pattern from 1980, as it was one my mum had used (in the 80s) so I knew what the coat looked like (yes, she still has it!) and didn’t have to cut out the pattern either! The edges of the coat stretched a little when I sewed the bias one, but I like it, I think it makes it look even more spacey. My mum has offered to cut it off and sew it again but I don’t want to make the coat any smaller.

It’s amazingly warm, even though I didn’t line it because it’s polar fleece and the inside feels like you’re wearing clouds, it’s so soft and fluffy.