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Old description from back when I lived in Florida:

100% wool, and mine (the one pictured) is lined in a cotton-poly blend, since I live in a state that’s 85°F 350 days a year , but I made a Hufflepuff one for my good buddy, that was lined in fleece, since I’m pretty sure South Dakota gets about as much snow as we do sun.

The cloak has a dramatic cowl collar, with an asymmetrical silhouette, and contrast stitching throughout (the edging on the outside is done in the primary house color, while the inner stitching is black. The patch is officially licensed Harry Potter merch, the buttons are decorative antiqued metal, while the cape actually closes with black hooks and eyes, and can be worn staggered so as to make the outer buttons hang at an angle.

I do sell these, but I don’t keep the Etsy listing up all the time since interest in them ebbs and flows, but let me know if you’re interested in one!