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A little while ago I had the Idea to sew some cushions for my two chairs I have out in the garden. It turned out, that once finished, I decided to keep them indoor because I liked them so much and I was afraid they would get nasty and old too fast :-) Meanwhile they have been used A LOT and you can tell by looking at them. So that´s the only picture I have of them just after I finished to sew them. Thank God I took it so I can post it here for you! I will surely make some more of them since they are so comfortable and a very nice interior eyecacher!!

I made the pattern myself by measuring the seating area of the chairs they were meant for and decided of a 12cm height. They are filled with a foam in the size I wanted the cushion to be. I have inserted a rope at the edges which I thought would look very nice. The fabric is from the Designer Amy Butler. For those of you who don´t know her wonderful prints I recommend to have a look at her website. OMG I looooove her designs sooooo much that I literally get lost everytime I am looking through her fabrics. The colours, the pattens, the flowers. What can I say: it just makes me HAPPY! The two fabrics I used are from the collection “daisy chain”, which is limited now since it is quite a while ago. But you can still get them if you are lucky in fabric shops where they sell Amy Butler. The names are: Pressed Flowers / Turquoise AB39I and Clematis / Grey AB4. I also own a book of hers where she presents her living style. It was a huge insipiration for me when I was decorating my home.