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Every time I go to the grocery store and I buy produce I curse the little plastic bags I put my fruit and veggies in and imagine that their must be a better way. I bring my reusable canvas bags to the store after all, and yet here I am wasting plastic on my apples!

Well then a few days ago, I was at my friends house and he started unpacking groceries – and lo and behold he pulls out a little mesh drawstring bag of peppers. And so (instead of being helpful) I examined them thoroughly, took a cell phone picture, and planned my next sewing project.

I bought the tulle at Joann’s in loud colors because that seemed like more fun and then I used shoelaces (knotted with the ends cut off) for the drawstrings. They’re just simple 12″ × 15″ drawstring bags with french seams because tulle is evil (I mean flimsy), and that seemed like the best way to reinforce and conceal the raw edges to prevent ripping.

Took them for a trial run at the grocery store today – success! The cashier even liked my colors. I made sixteen of them, most of which will be going out to my environmentalist buddies in the mail soon.