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I had been lusting over the Clover Shorts pattern forever and when I got to test for Mouse House Creations last year, this was one of the patterns I selected as compensation. It still took me over another year to finally get around to sewing it up! They are oh so cute, I just LOVE them!!

I made a size 5 which was slightly bigger than my daughter’s measurements.

The piece for the tabs is the same size for all the sizes, so when I initially basted it on, it seemed too long for the shorts, so I cut it down by about 3/4". As as result, the sash, which is the same width for all the sizes, was too wide, but I think it works anyway. Gives it a cute bubble look.

Next time I think I will use a 1/4" seam to join the top of the waistband to the facing. I found it was a little snug for the elastic to fit in, and the elastic was kinda bulky on the outside. I also ran a 3/8" line of basting along the lower edge of the facing before pressing it. I might also add some interfacing to the facing and tabs next time too. One other thing I did was machine baste the waistband down before putting the elastic in. Once it was in, I top stitched and then removed the basting stitches. Next time I would use a different color basting thread LOL.