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I have seen this rain cape in the march issue of Burda Style Magazin 2014 and I just instantly liked it. It looked so comfortable and easy. I could just picture my son playing in something like this in a summer rain. With the pattern review outwear contest and the rainy start of summer here I just remembered the magazine. I had some waterproof fabric in my stash that I bought to experiment with ( never worked with this kind of fabric before ) so everything got moving… I cut 104. Maybe a bit to big for my almost 2 years old but it worked OK I think. I skipped the hammer-on snap fasteners and drawstring. I also did a cotton lining rather then fishnet. My cape is not #128 ( since it required 3 times the fabric I had left ) but something self drafted to mach a little bit my son’s.

More pictures and details on my blog