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I wanted to try my hand at swimsuits this year for my daughter and myself (will be posting mine soon). So I gave my daughter a choice of fabrics and she picked these two. I really love how it turned out and I think it looks so cute on her. I found a free pattern online for a very simple girls swimsuit (see link below) and modified it a bit. I changed the bodice completely and added the ruffles to the neckline and legs. However I should also have lengthened it because my daughter is long in the torso and the neckline ended up being a bit too open and low so I added a modesty panel. The pattern was pretty easy to modify and would probably be pretty easy to size up or down if you wanted to. And because I like to make things harder for myself I completely lined it. If you did a simple version as she has on her blog it would be easy my way would be more likely for an intermediate.