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Here’s a fun DIY project you can do for your little princess. You can decorate a sweet cardboard handbag together and have some quality family time in the process. Your pretty girl will most definitely fall in love with the end result. And to make things even better you could create a few more handbags as gifts to her friends. Their make-believe tea parties will get a lovely upgrade.
Start by cutting two handbag-shaped patterns out of firm cardboard. Then, use a piece of thick kraft paper (approximately 10 cm in width) to carefully join the two cardboard patterns with strong glue (as shown on the images). Reinforce both ends of the kraft paper with some clear tape, and make holes on both sides. Put some colourful beads on a lace and tie it through the holes. You can use leftover pieces of fabric, colourful paper, or your daughter’s own drawings to coat the outside of the handbag.

Just warn the kids not to put anything heavy, sharp, or wet in their new lady handbags.