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Based on 142 Children’s bucket hat 07/2010, but when I type that into the form it’s not registering for some reason!

I made up this hat for my daughter in fabric left over from a dress. It was so simple and easy. If you can sew a couple of curved lines and can iron then you can make this hat successfully. And I put it on my daughters head before finishing off the last seam to see how well it fit and she didn’t want to take it off! I had to finish it during nap time.

My variation on the instructions was to line the crown. To do this I made up the outside of the hat, then then inside and then finally sewed them with the wrong sides together around the edge of the brim, leaving a small opening to pull the hat through. Then I sewed around the brim to secure the whole thing rather than slip stitching the opening closed. I did the lining in a slightly lighter weight cotton.

If I make it again I think I’ll also add in a hat band of the same fabric as the hat.