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Hello Sewers, crafters, makers, and dreamers. Happy 2016 for yall. I’m so happy cause I completed one of the few projects for this year (12 according to my sewing resolution) I made a fun and playful hoodie for my boyfriend to wear to work. I made the hoodie out a cozy printed flannel blanket and a piece of orange flannel too. The main reason I choose this print is to bring joy, happiness, and better will for the patients he sees at the hospital. I played with the placement of the yellow birds at center back, at front and on the hood. Luckily, I found zipper and bias type of the same hue as my fabric. I used a Green Pepper pattern this time, It is well instructed and very faithful to the measurement according to their size chart. It was a nice and happy project. My BF loves it and I’m sure the patients too.