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I went on holiday with my boyfriend and he wanted a new shirt for the occasion. This is not him, I will explain in a minute. My boyfriend is what nice people would call a dandy, and what I would call a ponce. He has big hair that I am jealous of and wears nicer clothes than me.
He didn’t just want any shirt made. He wanted an exact copy of his favourite Vivienne Westwood shirt. So 36 hours before the plane leaves I am in the studio ripping the hell off Viv. I made a pretty good job with the pattern because his royal highness actually wore it. Then we went to Cuba and met up with our friends (pictured), and I thought, if anyone is going to rock this shirt it is going to be a Santeria priest. It also happened to be in his sacred colours so he kindly obliged when I ripped the shirt from boyfriends body and handed it over.

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