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We were invited to a Hawaiian themed party, and I knew that I wanted to make something to wear for the occasion. I remembered some fabric that I had seen at Mill End fabric store, and actually used a version of it previously to make some boxer shorts for my husband, that would be perfect for a fun and colorful dress.

I started out intending to make a dress from Vogue 8184 pattern view E for the party as I liked the halter strap of the princess bodice, the fitted little skirt, plus I had made this pattern twice before already, which makes for a much quicker sewing job as opposed to using a pattern for the first time.

However, as I was sewing, laying out and fitting the top and skirt, along the way I realized that the top was a little short and would fit me funny and feel too short-waisted when made as a dress, so instead of starting over and cutting the bodice adding about and inch or so, or adding a midriff waist, I decided that this was a great opportunity to make a crop top and high waisted skirt.

It was pretty easy to adapt to this, finish off the skirt, make a hem to the top, and add two 7" zippers to each instead of one long zipper. I have a whole bag full of zippers that I got for free at my work from the trim department that was getting rid of their trim samples, and two of them were matching in style, accept for the colors, but were perfect for this project.

I was afraid that a crop top was not for me as I am not in my 20’s anymore and my abs are certainly not as firm and flat as they were in my 20’s either, but I think with the right fit and just the right amount of skin showing (about 2 fingers worth), it would be passable and looks sophisticated.

Overall, it was a great idea and a really fun outfit to make and to wear and I am certain that I will make it again, ether for myself or for someone else who wants one!

More photos and details on my blog Ode to Sew :http://odetosew.com/2014/08/31/island-girl-halter-crop-top-skirt/