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This is my first maxi dress… Like many others, I have always dreamed of a spectacular, floaty seaside dress.

I found the perfect pattern in Burda’s Romantic maxi dress.

Instead of contrast fabrics, I have used the same fabric throughout and added a few sequins and embellishments alongside the under-waist line where the extra long bodice meets the corners of the skirt. If you have tried this pattern before, you will know that the entire dress is made of 7 – 9 meters of fabric, while the skirt is made up of 4 half circles. The sleeves are also made of half circles.

The dress uses a few key techniques, such as a rolled hem, corners (and pivoting at corners), working with sheer fabrics. That is the reason why it is recommended that you watch the Burda dedicated video tutorial. I felt brave enough not to, however I would have probably spent less times trying to work out these useful techniques.

I have embellished the dress with vintage glass seed beads, tubular beads and a few silver sequins. Discreet enough to be lost in the general pattern of the dress, visible enough to give it a bit of Cavalli glamour.

he dress is worn throughout with Karen Millen platform sandals and hand made shell bracelet. Necklace: Wallis.