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Although autumn is here and I knew I won’t really get much chance to wear this this year, I really wanted to make this dress now!
The pattern was definitely not love at first sight, the emotions moves from yikes! to blah! to I love it! Which led me out to the fabric stores and this nice light blue piece.
Construction wise, given I bought non see through chiffon, I eliminated the middle layer of fabric. I’ve redone the front yoke twice! I managed to fold the folds inside out, undo them then sew along the wrong lines, then finally cutting the two pieces out again and finally getting it right the 3rd time, and since it’s chiffon I used for main fabric and lining, it was a bit of a pain getting them lined up properly, but once this yoke was done and lined, the rest went like a breeze.
It’s a very summery dress and wasn’t exactly the perfect thing to wear to a nice dinner in very autumn-like Trondheim, but I so wanted to! Solved that problem with a little belt and a blazer on top, as I found out it looked great with a belt on as well!
I love it! I’ll take it to Egypt in a couple of weeks to get a chance to wear it again and will look forward to next summer to wear it more :D