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This dress is really gorgeous, espacially when u use a printed fabric with some geometrical shapes in it. BUT FOR ME , there are many bad points about it.
- If you are short, the dress won’t fit properly. This is what i’ve experienced because i’m 1.60m (means i’m petite). You will need to shorten the dress by the waist area.
-when the dress was over the neck area was way too large for me i don’t know why. I had the sleeves which felt apart like an off-the shoulder dress!! so i had the idea to make some darts at the edge of the neckline to try to gather everything up. the result was like tiny ribs (about 5 or 6)
-the back. the V shape of the back was too deep for me. So i try to put it up, for this i made two diagonal dart near the zip.
-for the hips. i had to enlarge this area because it was a bit tight. i normally wear size 42 , but with this one i had to enlarge so that the dress won’t go back up all the time (by the way this a sign to know if your dress or skirt is too tigh at the hips area or not. At least for me!)

CONCLUSION: this is a beautiful dress with a beatiful structure, but i needed to alter the pattern to have a proper fit. I was lucky the top of the dress was made in a printed fabric that’s why you can barely see the flaws! this is what i’ve experienced, maybe it"ll be different for you! I saw that some didn’t add the wide open pockets, others have added a belt at the waist (maybe to hide the excess of fabric due to a short waitline?) . Anyway, Feel free to do what suits you!