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This is my 100th project on Burdastyle! So what better for a milestone project than something gold?

As with my last project, this is a Papercut Patterns one; their Bellatrix blazer. It’s a complicated pattern, but not difficult if you’ve been sewing for a while, although I did have to read over some instructions a few times before I knew what I was doing. But the instructions are well-written, so I never had to fix any mistakes.

Sewing the faux leather was interesting. It cuts very easily, and it sticks to itself a bit, which is helpful when you want to keep two pieces together and not let them get out of alignment. Although the lining was still slippery and awkward. The thickness of the faux leather made it hard to get the seams to lay flat, and you can’t really iron it either, so I hand basted it and left the basting in for a few days so that it was flatter when I pulled it out.

Finally, the blazer is surprisingly warm. It’s not winter-weight, but it’s very comfortable for most weather.